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My name is Ahmad and I am a 2nd year Mcmaster university medical student. Mcmaster is a 3 year medical school (other one being Calgary). I had a very fast paced pre-clerkship with a steep learning curve in 14 months. However, this was not even comparable to clerkship where hospital shifts were long and the entirety of learning was self-directed. I found that my learning was most effective when

Unfortunately, sometimes given the extremely strenuous demands on residents and staff, clerkship training would fall to the wayside (an understandable occurrence given how many conflicting priorities our hardworking residents face!). As a clerk, not learning because of a busy rotation week was not acceptable. Furthermore, I’d heard from colleagues who were going through a similar experience that I wasn’t alone in worrying that our learning was being crowded out by other clinical demands. For this reason, I decided to take learning into my own hands by creating an open platform where clerks and residents alike could contribute educational pieces for the betterment of medical education as a whole.

I utilized my 8 years of web development experience towards creating an educational platform that you are on right now. The idea is to post blog-style educational articles (with citations) that medical learners spanning from clerkship onwards could benefit from. The advantage of such a resource is to provide a quick 15-20 minute read into the essentials of a given topic with the possibility of exploring more deeply thanks to the citations. An added benefit of the project is increasing the scientific literacy nation-wide and fulfilling the scholar Canmed competency by allowing students and residents alike to partake in scientific dissemination through the site. I have come together with a few medical students and you can see the whole team below.

I strongly believe this is a very important skill every physician should possess as scientific communication is not only paramount to patient communication, but is becoming increasingly necessary for physicians in this era of information overload. Thus, a project allowing clerks to train their literacy while learning/reviewing clinically important information serves a unique dual-purpose and benefit to the community of Canadian medical learners at large.

Meet the Team

Ahmad Azizov
Founder, Web-developer, Author
Mcmaster university
MD candidate 2021
Kyrillos Faragalla
Mcmaster university MD candidate 2021 Medical student interested in pathology and internal medicine and passionate about community health and health of the homeless. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing table tennis, watching documentaries, and debating and discussing philosophy.
Abanoub Aziz
University of Ottawa
MD candidate 2023