A quick way to describe your pregnant patient Posted by Ahmad Azizov on July 11, 2020

What is Gravida and Para?

GTPAL is a system often used in OBGYN service and pediatrics to describe pregnant women. You will often see notation such as G2P2 to describe a woman who has had 2 pregnancies and both of which have lasted for over 20 weeks (need to look at TPAL (described below) to determine whether they are living, preterm or aborted). 

  • Gravida 
    • Describes a pregnant woman 
    • The number after 'G' shows the number of total confirmed pregnancies 
    • A woman who has had 1 abortion and 1 live birth and 1 miscarriage is a G3. 
    • Primagravida
      • A term used to describe a woman who has had a single pregnancy. 
    • Twins and triplets count as 1 gravida 
  • Para - Can be broken into TPAL
    • Refers to the total number of pregnancies that a woman has carried past 20 weeks of pregnancy 
    • Both live births, pregnancy losses, as long as these last at least 20 weeks. 
    • Primapara
      • A term used to describe a woman who has had 1 delivery after at least 20 weeks 
    • Multipara 
      • A term used to describe a woman who has had 2 or more deliveries lasting at least 20 weeks
    • Nulliparous 
      • A woman who has never given birth. This also includes women who have had abortions/micarriages before 20 weeks. 
    • T - number of term pregnancies (37 weeks or more)
    • P - number of preterm pregnancies (20 to 37 weeks) 
    • A - number of abortions, miscarriages, ectopics past 20 weeks= failed pregnancies after 20 weeks
    • L - number of living children currently 

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